Zensational Coffee Opened 30 June 2013

After many years of Scott Brown threatening and wishing to start his own coffee business, Zensational coffee. He finally bit the bullet and started the coffee cart adventure.

Scott spent many years under the guidance of Art of Espresso owner Adrian Capra, learning the ins and outs of the ever growing Australian coffee industry.

With the support of his daughter, Kody-Leigh Brechney who is a well trained Barista with a passion for excellent coffee. The two of them set off all around the Blue Mountains and western NSW to bring great coffee to your door.

Our Philosophy

A business without positive human relationships is a business with no soul. Respect, support and compassion is in our humble opinion the base to all good relationships. Without that, you have nothing and in business it is no different"

Zensational coffee ultimately agree to choose to work on "relationships" not "contracts" as such. We believe positive relationships with our team members, our customers, our coffee farmers and even ourselves as individuals, is paramount to our existence.